Catie possesses tremendous creativity vision and attention to detail. Rest assured that she will listen to your wishes and add the unique touches that tell your own unique love story you and your guests will always remember.

Our Maine Mission

We’re passionate about finding our clients the destination in Maine of their dreams.

Our team loves to travel our beautiful home state. You can count on us to orchestrate your wedding weekend with all the joy, fun, laughter and attention to the details you need.

Maine Wedding Connections

One of the reasons my clients love working with me is my 15 years of experience and my true love of my adopted state.

I have well established relations with vendors and I am always refreshing my list of the new vendors in the market.

My goal is to not a cookie cutter approach, but to match you with the best vendors for your vision and budget

I can perform your ceremony

Not only is Catie a highly respected planner, she can perform the ceremony.

The team also includes Barbara Kenny, who joined the team 2 years ago as an Officiant. We work with each couple to find the right words and makes each ceremony unique and to help you put your own story into words.